Desired person images:
A person who can create new value.
Someone who can work seriously.
People who enjoy work.
Geeks, Cool person, Beautiful person



Homo Futuris Recruitment

ANPAN is looking for a great time traveler from the future.
Please tell us about your future lifestyle and the products and services that are trending. Create and submit a report based on the basis, background, and truth of what you are living, what your needs are, and what solutions you have for the future of your business. It can be 5 years or 1000 years later. Let's realize the future with ANPAN.
I quoted from the words of Alan Kay, the father of a personal computer.
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
The future is what we make. There is no point in predicting.
The future is determined by us, as long as it does not violate the known laws of the universe
You can go in the direction you want.
Why don't you work with ANPAN to create the future together?




エントリーシート?履歴書?そんなもの私に必要ないよ。私には実績に裏付けされた能力がある。そんなもん、つくってる時間がもったいないというイケてる貴方の為にクール採用を御用意させていただきました。クール採用では、 自己PRや面接でのテクニックではなく、貴方がこれまで取り組んでこられた成果をみます。論文、 学会での研究発表、 自主的に制作された作品やサービスなど、 実績をお持ちの方のご応募をお待ちしております。 実績の種類や形式は問いません。Githubやflickrなどで構いません。

Cool Recruitment

Entry sheet? Resume? I don't need that. I have proven abilities.
So, we have prepared a cool recruitment for you, who is a waste of time to make that. ”Cool Recruitment”we look at the results you have worked on, not on self-promotion or interview techniques.
We are looking forward to applying for those who have a track record such as dissertations, research presentations at academic conferences, voluntarily produced works and services. The type and format of the achievement does not matter. You can use Github or flickr.

ダイバーシティ採用 Diversity Recruitment

アンパンでは、ダイバーシティ&インクルージョン" を推進しており、視覚、聴覚、上肢、下肢、内部など異なる障碍特性のある方々の応募も歓迎しています。障碍の有無もまたダイバーシティの一つであり、個性であると考えております。テクノロジーの力で貴方のポテンシャルを発揮してください。アンパンは安心安全に働けるようにサポートします。人種、国籍、性別、年齢、障碍、性的指向、性同一性など多様性を認めあい、才能を発揮できる職場環境を目指しております。誰一人として同じ人はいないからこそ、その力が結集することで生まれる力は無限大で、何かを創造するエネルギーになるとアンパンでは考えております。
Anpan promotes “Diversity & Inclusion” and welcomes people with different disabilities, such as sight, hearing, upper limbs, lower limbs, and the inside. The presence or absence of disabilities is also a part of diversity. I believe it is.
Unleash your potential with the power of technology. We will help you work safely. We recognize diversity such as race, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and aim to create a work environment where talent can be demonstrated.
Because no one is the same person, Anpan believes that the power generated by the convergence of these powers is infinite and can be the energy to create something.